Darcy is an award winning author, who was a born reader. Having a mother who worked in a library helped. She didn’t know that there were fines attached to books she kept reading over and over for decades.

Her first book was published in 2000, a romantic comedy, THE TROUBLE WITH MOTHER, with Hardshell Word Factory, which she won The Emerald City Keeper award. She penned five novellas with Amazon’s Kindle Worlds in the Doublesight, the first one winning Rivers of Ink first place. She has been nominated for numerous RWA chapter writing contests, winning and placing in several. She went on to self-publish a paranormal romance, MAGIC IN THE AIR, set in Seattle about the magic police.

She is currently writing for The Wild Rose Press. Her first book, HE WALKS IN DREAMS, is a fantasy romance and the first in the Dragons Return series. The second book in the series, WOMAN IN THE WOODS, will be out shortly. Dragons come naturally to Darcy as she had a childhood friend named Pepper-Piper, who was a dragon.

She also has an Irish historical romance coming out with The Wild Rose Press entitled, TO STEAL AN IRISH HEART.

Prior to publishing, Darcy worked for a major airline manufacturer as an executive secretary. But don’t ask to identity an airplane. They all look the same to her.

Darcy’s hobbies include jewelry making. Stringing beads is very relaxing, zen-like. No thought required. She loves reading, traveling, shopping and going to the casino to give her money away.

She lives in Renton with her husband, Bill, and a pampered prince of poodle named Bandit.