Woman in the Woods cover

Warrior woman, Becca d’Firn, has a problem. People in her village are dying from a mysterious plague. She needs a wizard to save them. Cress, a wizard, has a quandary of his own—he needs to free his sister from a thousand year old spell. Becca doesn’t trust men, but what choice does she have? She knows nothing about the art of healing or dragons the size of fireflies.
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He Walks in Dreams Cover

Princess Marina Hersher is on her way to marry the prince of Brenalin when her caravan is attacked. Dressed as her servant, she decides to keep her identity a secret from the attackers. She is knocked unconscious and is rescued by the dragon, Narud. He is a creature not seen on Feldsvelt for thousands of years. During the days that follow, Marina learns more about the dragon, and finds companionship.

Duran Abass is the high prince of Brenalin and can go no farther than the dragon’s lair. Dragon and man hold a silent battle for control of their shared body in the cave where Narud intends to keep the princess. The princess knows nothing of this struggle or the dragon’s intent, but learns to love them both.

Together, Marina and Duran and even the dragon, Narud, join forces to battle against the sorceress for their lives and love.
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Witch Katrina Bishop must discover who is manipulating the weather in Seattle and all evidence points to lead weatherman, Braxton Wynn. And she’s not the only one investigating Wynn. The government’s paranormal division is as well. All Brax wants is a normal life, but that’s not happening with the new assistant producer on set who talks about magic, witches and Elemental beings.
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The trouble with mother is . . . she’s dead. Rhonda Pomeroy has taken over running Paulette’s, the family multi-million dollar cosmetic company while trying to keep peace with her eccentric old sister, Suzanne; and fulfill their Mother, Paulette’s final request. Paulette wanted to be interred in the cosmetic department of the new flagship store of Alexander’s, an upscale Seattle store, and Suzanne continues to demand her fair time with Mother, and both women are giving Rhonda a three-aspirin headache.

When fabulous attorney, Mark Daniels, on the verge of making full-partner in Seattle’s most prestigious law firm, takes over Paulette’s business affairs, the fulfillment of Paulette’s final request seems a sure thing until sparks fly between Rhonda and Mark, and they start thinking about each other instead of Mother. To make matter worse, dating clients is against firm policy and Mark’s out of control hormones could destroy his career.
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